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Taking care of our sexual health can seem intimidating at first—this checklist can help!

In BC we have lots of tools to help us be in control of our sexual health as guys who have have sex with guys, including guys who don’t identify as gay.

One tool isn’t right for every job, so check the whole list and see what combination of tools work for you when it comes to building your sexual health. To check it off your list, Check Yourself.


Where to check yourself

*Please note that the listed PrEP resources do not offer an exhaustive list of PrEP providers. Conversely, as some clinics may be at capacity managing current PrEP clients, they may not be able to accommodate new clients. It is important to know that any licensed BC physician or qualified nurse practitioner can prescribe PrEP.
*To suggest an addition or removal of a clinic from this map database, contact us: [email protected]

Above is a comprehensive map of clinics and health care providers created for Gay, Bi, Trans, Two-Spirit, and Queer folks.

We know these clinics to be staffed and knowledgeable when it comes to supporting the needs of people seeking HIV and/or STI testing, prevention, and in some cases PrEP.

If you are unable to locate a clinic in your area that suits your needs using the above map, please try Smart Sex Resource’s Clinic Finder (link on right) which is an alternate database of clinics in British Columbia.